7 Natural Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

  November 22, 2022  |  Aquuamarine

Air pollution is present only in the outdoors. Such a notion is absolutely wrong. The increasing evidence from many researchers presents the fact that air pollution present indoors is much worse than that of outdoors.

Let us take a glance at the seven ways on how you can improve indoor air quality naturally.

  • Let’s Bring in Fresh Air

Good ventilation is the foremost step to improving indoor air quality naturally. It becomes imperative to open doors and windows every day to allow fresh air inside the house. Using exhaust and fans in the kitchen would help to remove the cooking fumes while replenishing the fresh interior air. As the quality of your home increases, it will have a huge positive effect on your mood and health.

  • Change the Filters

Nowadays every house consists of air conditioners. What we miss is cleaning the filters of the conditioners. Almost every year, one needs to clean the filters of the air conditioner to remove pollen and impurities. If you avoid this task, it can accumulate airborne irritants while keeping them circulating throughout the home.

  • Make a Good Choice of your Furniture

You must know what is there in your furniture. The choice of your furniture can sometimes increase indoor air pollution. Certain materials including industrial glues, or special kinds of foam on your mattress or sofa can release toxins into the atmosphere. The slow release can contribute to toxin air quality causing slow poisoning.

  • Take Care of Wall Paints

The paint contains toxic substances that emit fumes even after the process of painting is over. It can lower the quality of air while causing allergies and irritation. Especially when you are renovating your home, you must invest in good chemicals. Nowadays, you will get diverse natural options that are away from harmful additives. You can utilize such pain to minimize health issues.

  • Use Naturally Changing Products

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Instead of using chemicals for senior health, you can opt for natural cleaning products, including vinegar and lemon to reduce the toxic footprint. You can also use DIY items to eliminate chemical toxins.

  • Include Indoor Plants

To reduce the toxic chemicals in your home, you can bring the presence of nature inside your home. As you bring in plants, it will help to clean the air and remove the toxin chemicals. One common chemical present indoors includes formaldehyde. The house plans are experts in removing toxins and helping to prevent allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and even cancers. Some common home plant options include snake plant, Erica Palm, Peace Lily, rubber plant, and spider plant.

  • Keep your Environment Clean

Regular cleaning of your home can help in including indoor air quality. Make sure that you clean the grapes and bedding to avoid the presence of allergens. If you have a mattress or carpet at home, you need to air out regularly.

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