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Best Home Cleaning Services in Bangalore

With your hectic schedules and busy lifestyle, you may not have a lot of time for house cleaning. So, you may have appointed a person who comes in daily to do the cleaning, washing, and other household chores. While the daily staff do help to keep the house clean, they may not think about keeping it spick and span by cleaning every nook and corner of the house. Also, in many cases, they would work properly only if they are continuously supervised. If you are looking for an effective alternate solution, go for professional cleaning services. Aquuamarine is one of the top agencies offering Professional house cleaning services in Bangalore. We have trained staff to offer deep cleaning services.

Why Aquuamarine for House Cleaning Services in Bangalore?

Wide and deep cleaning solutions

We offer a wide range of specialised cleaning services that include bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, furniture cleaning, and more. Our staff will clean the difficult and hard-to-reach areas to make your home sparkling clean. We take care of stain removal, upholstery shampooing, sanitization, and deep vacuuming.

Use best products and equipment

We use only high-quality cleaning products to effectively remove bacteria, dust mites, and allergens. Our staff are trained to effectively use the vacuum cleaners to deep clean hard-to-reach corners, under the stairs, narrow ledges, and any other space in your home. As for the products, we try to use eco-friendly products that donโ€™t harm the environment and help reduce the global carbon footprint. If you have any specific allergies regarding household cleaning chemicals, we suggest you let us know in advance, so that we can use the products accordingly.

Our Service

Aquuamarine prides itself in offering customised and high-quality services to our customers.
Our range of home cleaning services in Bangalore includes:

Our Promise

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Best customer support

At Aquuamarine, we believe in building good relationships with our clients. We want you to benefit and be happy with the cleaning services we offer. You can contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Trained and certified staff

We have a team of highly trained and certified staff to deliver a proficient cleaning solution. You can expect high levels of professional services from our cleaning staff.

Flexible services

We understand that you have a lot of demands on your time. Thatโ€™s why we offer the utmost flexibility in organizing the cleaning schedules. Whether you want us to do a deep cleaning on holidays or during specific hours, we can plan accordingly.


We believe in following transparent business practises. During the first consultation, we will clearly explain the services that we offer and the pricing involved for each service. There will be no hidden fees or last moment inclusions unless our customer asks for extra services.

Our Testimonials

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Som Shekar

Excellent service. Mine was used flat and post the service my flat is looking like brand new ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘ŒVery punctual and with "clean with calm" mentality. Please keep up the great work ๐Ÿ˜Ž 5

Parth Sarthi

They have well trained proffessional staff members who help you to feel relaxed and safe by providing cleanliness and other household facilities with proper care under the guidance of their higher escalation level 5

Namratha Siddaiah

High standards of cleanliness and excellent service. They have never failed to disappoint me and they match up to my expectation every time. Hassle free service with respect to site visit, estimates and punctuality. They have well trained staff, excellent cleaning techniques, good equipments and extremely professional. 5
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore
professional House Cleaning Services in Bangalore


We offer deep cleaning services, which can be difficult to do during your day-to-day cleaning. Generally, the entire house and outdoors are cleaned daily and mopped once or twice a week. During this regular cleaning, hard to reach places and corners are generally missed. We will clean every inch of the space in the deep cleaning.

We offer a host of house cleaning services in Bangalore including

  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Car cleaning
  • Customised cleaning solutions

The duration depends on the extent of the cleaning services. We will give you an approximate time frame during the first consultation. If you have any urgent requirements, we request you to tell us in advance, so we will plan the schedule and staff accordingly.

If you live by a busy street that generates a lot of dust, we suggest deep cleaning once in a month or two. However, if the location is away from the dusty areas, deep cleaning once in three months should be fine.

Yes, we will carry all the equipment and products necessary for the cleaning.

We aim to deliver the best cleaning solutions for our customers. Let us know in advance if you want the exteriors cleaned, and we can do the needful. However, we do only cleaning and not landscaping and garden maintenance.

You will have a 100% clean home free from dust, allergens and other particles. We use the best products and equipment, so you can be assured of the best results. The top benefit is that you can sit back and relax as the professionals take care of the house cleaning work.

You can call or email us to book a home cleaning service.

We are one of the reputed house cleaning service providers in Bangalore. Plus, our staff are completely vetted and trained to deliver the best cleaning services.

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