Carpet Shampooing – The Ideal Professional Carpet Cleaning Method

  September 2, 2021  |  Aquuamarine


Carpets have a tendency to accumulate more dust and dirt due to their regular usage. Irregular cleaning is one of the main cause of allergies. Hence, it is important to clean your carpets and rugs frequently to ensure your family enjoys a healthy environment. Carpet cleaning is a good way to maintain a healthy indoor environment. Deep cleaning is essential to prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria and dust mites. So, it is better to hire a professional deep cleaning service in Bangalore. When you book a carpet cleaning service in Bangalore with Aquuamarine, our professional cleaners will clean your carpet with the best methods to provide a clean living environment.

Different types of carpet shampoo machines

There are two main types of carpet shampoo machines, a dry carpet shampoo machine and a wet carpet shampoo machine.

Dry machine

Dry carpet cleaning involves the application of cleaning powder into the bottom part of the carpet using a machine to open up the carpet fibre and allow the powder to settle inside, resulting in thorough carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is suitable for all types of carpets and recommended for all offices which operate 24 hours and seven days without disrupting their operations.

Wet machine

A wet carpet cleaning machine uses foam and stain to effectively remove dust and dirt from carpets. Wet machines have a suction that can suck in the dirt and grime of the carpet. After cleaning the carpet, make sure you dry it and see that there is no moisture left before using it.

Common carpet cleaning service techniques

Hot water

Hot water extraction cleaning involves the application of a cleaning agent on a soiled surface, followed by rinsing and then vacuums it immediately. If too much detergent is used, it can actually attract new dirt more easily. So, use an adequate amount of water. This method takes a longer time to dry, and the drying process can be fastened by opening the windows and turning on the fans.

Dry or foam extraction

This extraction method uses a powdered detergent—dirt and dust bond with the chemicals, which can later be removed by vacuum cleaning. A special spray is used to pre-treat stains before applying the chemicals. It is important that the powder should be vacuumed out. This is a very popular method that requires no drying time.

The foam extraction method is similar to using hot water. An air compressor creates a dry foam that is applied to the fabric. Once the dust and dirt bonds with the foam, it is vacuumed out when it is still wet. It is important to clean the surface thoroughly before and after this technique is used. This method also requires more time for drying.

Rotary shampoo

In this method, a chemical is actually pushed into the fibres by a machine with rotating brushes. The solution is filled with dust foam and is removed by wet vacuuming. If the surface becomes too wet and takes too long to dry, it causes the carpet to shrink and lose colour.

Absorbent pad

In this method, a surface is sprayed on the surface of the fibre. Then the chemicals are removed using an absorbent pad. This should be done carefully because if done improperly, carpets become puckered. So, this should be done by experienced professionals.

What to look for in a carpet cleaning service?

Choosing the right carpet cleaner

A cleaning service starts by shampooing your carpets and then using a machine that extracts the chemical and moisture out of the carpet along with dirt. Some carpets can be damaged by the chemicals used on them, so it is extremely important to make use of a good chemical that doesn’t cause any harm to the carpets.

A lot of professionals prefer dry carpet cleaning because they believe that shampooing carpets using water results in the formation of mold. With the dry-cleaning method, the service person will put a powder all over the carpet and uses a machine to suck the dirt again. Another method of dry cleaning is foam cleaning. Foam cleaning involves spraying the foam on the carpet, allowing it to dry and then vacuuming up the dirt.

When you choose a carpet cleaning service, look for the one that uses methods that increases the life of the carpet. Before hiring a professional cleaner, check out the types of cleaning methods they use and the expenses they charge.

Benefits with carpet cleaning service

Customer’s total satisfaction

By keeping the carpets properly maintained and getting them professionally cleaned, annually you can improve their appearance while contributing to lead a healthier environment. So, if you want to get your carpets cleaned hire professional cleaners from Aquuamarine and leave all the cleaning works in the hands of experts. This will lead to customer satisfaction.

Carpets cleaned by experts is hassle-free and extend the life of the carpet

One of the benefits of a carpet cleaning service is that it extends the life of your carpet. With time, dust, dirt and allergens get accumulated in the carpets and sticks to the materials. It is necessary to remove this dirt so that the longevity of the carpet is extended. Professional cleaners use different kinds of cleaning processes to remove the dust effectively from deep within the fibres and thus leave your carpet completely sanitized.

Regular cleaning ensures the life span

As carpets attract dirt, dust and allergens, this accumulation causes carpet fibres to split and deteriorate over time. With regular professional cleaning, all the dust is removed effectively, protecting your carpet and extending its life span.

Professional cleaning will keep the carpet in top condition

Professional carpet cleaners not only remove the dirt and allergens but also make sure to remove hard stains. Using high-quality products, professional cleaners are able to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Choose Aquuamarine for professional carpet cleaning services

We at Aquuamarine, provide top-notch carpet cleaning services in Bangalore. We have a team of professionals who understand which cleaning method is ideal for your carpet assuring the safety of your family. Our team also possess the required knowledge of working with different types of carpets. If you are looking for an expert carpet cleaning service then feel free to contact us.


Carpets are the only furnishings that attract more dirt and dust. Therefore, it is important to consider hiring professional carpet cleaners to help maintain your carpet.