Effective Ways to Replace Toxic Cleaning Products from Your Home

  November 17, 2022  |  Aquuamarine

For many individuals, the aromas of cleaning supplies, antiseptics, and laundry soaps are indicators of a clean house. Even while the strong perfume of upholstery polish or laundry soap may bring back fond memories or links with the past, it is largely hazardous. They include phthalates, allergies, and reproductive disruptors, among other things. More than 100 chemicals get released by air fresheners alone, and this has a negative impact on health.

That being said, here are some of the ways to replace toxic cleaning products:


Castile Soap

Castile soap is at the top of the list for non toxic chemical products. Dish soap and dishwasher detergent actually contain a lot of chemicals, despite popular belief. Chemicals are being used to clean your eating utensils. Castile soap, which is chemical-free, can be used in place of dish soap and dishwashing detergent. Because it is non-toxic and biodegradable, you will not be concerned about your children or pets ingesting it. Because castile soap has so many applications, it is a crucial component of almost all of our products.


Lemon Juice

Most of us have utilized bleach to remove challenging stains. This well-liked cleaning product, however, is also recognized to irritate the skin and eyes. It has a powerful odor that lingers for hours and has a chemical smell that is bad for the environment and marine life. The ideal all-natural cleaning substitute for bleach is lemon juice. It still smells lovely and can compete with the most powerful cleaning product when combined with hydrogen peroxide. It is one of the top alternatives to toxic cleaning products.


Baking Soda

Interested in finding a non-chemical degreasing solution to the grease problem? The solution is found in baking soda. When it comes to eliminating grease, this substance, which is readily available in the majority of houses, can put you at ease. Simply moisten the oily area, sprinkle baking soda on top, then wipe away using a damp cloth. To remove grease from any surface without using chemicals, many home cleaning services utilize this.


Essential Oils

Air fresheners frequently include chemicals that you inhale every day, and they frequently have a chemical scent that essentially negates any other benefits. Essential oils can get used in place of hazardous air fresheners.ย 

It is yet another one of the top non toxic chemical products. You may distribute natural smells in your house without using chemicals by purchasing an oil diffuser or burner. The mild, relaxing effects of aromas like lavender or sandalwood make them ideal for diffuser use around your house. For your convenience, we now sell our own organic essential oils that we make ourselves!ย ย 



It is another kitchen component that may make a big difference in your cleaning around the house. Grease may get easily removed with vinegar, and it also aids in removing stubborn mildew from bathroom surfaces. As an alternative to toxic cleaning products, utilize diluted vinegar in a spray bottle. Mirrors and glass may also get properly and organically cleaned with the help of this mixture.


Black Tea

Make some black tea, let it cool, then dip a towel into the liquid to clean wooden furniture, windows, mirrors, and floors. You’ll be astounded at how well this straightforward DIY cleaner, created with natural components, removes filth while smelling far nicer than other hazardous substitutes.


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