How You Can Clean Your Microwave Like A Pro

  December 15, 2021  |  Aquuamarine

The kitchen is an area of the house that is used a lot. In a country like India where home-cooked food is always preferred over restaurant versions, the kitchen is used for several hours every day. No wonder then that it is also a space that gets dirty very fast. While most people try to keep their kitchens clean and grime-free, it can be a tall task to do so.

The truth is that cleaning the kitchen every single day is time-consuming. It is easy to relegate the task to the next day and the next. The result is that the grime gets attached to the walls, cabinets, and gas or induction stove and can be tough to get rid of later. That is why kitchen deep cleaning in Bangalore using a reputed professional company can be a great idea.

Why The Microwave Should Be Cleaned

Whether you use your microwave a lot or just once in a while, keeping it clean should be a priority. The main reason for it is food hygienic. When the microwave is clean, the food you cook in it is also going to get a clean environment. This is going to ensure that your food is hygienic.

Also, when you don’t clean the microwave for a long time, it can result in fungus and other microbial growth which can be disastrous to health.

Tips To Clean The Microwave

  1. Wipe Inside: The first thing to do is use a damp clean cloth to wipe the microwave inside.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Just a simple wiping out will not do if you want your microwave to be completely clean. There are various products you can use to make sure that it is deep cleaned properly. All of the below products are extremely effective and you can sue one according to availability.
  • Diluted window cleaning solution
  • Lemon
  • Commercial kitchen cleansers
  • Baking Soda
  • White vinegar
  1. Wipe outside the microwave: It is important to wipe outside the microwave because this area can get oily and grime from all the cooking you do in the kitchen. You can use a mild solution of water and soap to do this.
  2.  Wash The Removable Pieces: Take out all the removable pieces from your microwave and wash them carefully with soap and water. After they are clean, dry them out completely and then put them back in their proper place.

Your microwave is now clean.

Make Your Kitchen Spotless By Hiring Professional Kitchen Cleaning Service In Bangalore

If you just can’t make the time to clean the kitchen after regular bouts of cooking, then hiring the best home cleaning services in Bangalore for it can be the smart choice. It will mean a clean and tidy kitchen without any stress to you. Call Aquuamarine for the best home cleaning services in Bangalore and enjoy a world of convenience at your fingertips.


Keeping your home and kitchen clean and tidy should be a priority and when professional services are available, booking them can be a way for stress-free cleaning. If you have a busy job and young children, taking the time out every day to clean the house can be and difficult proposition. On most days, it can feel like you are lagging behind. It does not matter because now you can get the professional help you need to keep your house clean. If you have a traditional maid coming in to clean every day, employ a professional company to do the deep cleaning. This means a completely clean and tidy house to live and breathe in.