Tips on How to Clean The Raised Floor Correctly.

  September 21, 2022  |  Aquuamarine

Raised floors require regular cleaning to prevent dust accumulation and its adverse effects on everyday use. The computer room should be clean so that dust doesn’t get into the hardware. This process also has the potential to lengthen the equipment’s useful life. It can lessen the amount of time spent on repairs to the computer room’s air conditioner, such as changing the filter, and the amount of money spent on running the unit. A raised floor can lose its anti-static properties altogether if improper cleaning procedures are used. Following these guidelines will ensure that the anti-static floor is properly maintained.

Pro Tips for Cleaning the Raised Floor 

Vacuum Regularly

Mopping the floor without first vacuuming is a bad idea. Never use a dry mop is a rule. That will only cause more dirt to get lodged in the holes of the tiles. Allowing dirt and dust to build up inside the perforated tiles will decrease airflow through the perforations, preventing cool air from reaching vital electrical equipment. Dirt forced through the tiles’ holes may be recirculated back into the air and settle on the data centre’s equipment.

Move your Panels Around

Make sure you don’t pull up too many floor tiles at once while cleaning under the raised floor. In a data centre, this could lead to overheating of equipment located in other areas with higher floors because of a decrease in static pressure underlying the floors.

Keep the Floor from Getting Wet

Don’t flood the floor when mopping the high floor. Cleaning the elevated floor with a wet mop is strictly forbidden. To keep the line from being disrupted, we must stop water from seeping into the floor’s lower area through any fractures.

Look at the grid system.

At least twice a year, and maybe more often if there’s a lot of foot activity, you should inspect the grid system. Ensure the grid is set up properly to prevent structural issues from occurring if there is heavy foot traffic.

Verify the environment 

Every day, you should do some sort of maintenance check. By doing routine upkeep, not only will your floors look great, but they will also be safer. Daily vacuuming or dusting is an excellent habit to get into. You should use a vacuum with a static dissipating rod attachment to avoid damaging sensitive electronic components.

Clean and Soak Using a Neutral Detergent 

As soon as you notice a stain on the floor, soak it with neutral detergent and clean water, then wipe it dry. Cleaning raised floor using a caustic detergent that contains strong acids and alkalis is not recommended.

Polish the Elevated Floor 

To keep the elevated floor in good condition for as long as possible, you should wax it every three to six months. Wax with anti-static capability should be used in areas where this is required.

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Conclusion :

Every part of a raised floor deserves attention when it is being cleaned. Maintaining a clean elevated floor is essential, so dust does not settle on the wiring below. You can call  +91 968 662 8146 to avail the deep cleaning service in Bangalore from Aquuamarine for the best results.