Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services to Keep Sofa Clean

  May 12, 2021  |  Aquuamarine


Sofas help bring comfort and style to your living rooms, but they receive more wear and tear than you think. From eating dinner in the family room or watching a movie with your friends, the sofa can capture oils, food particles and airborne dust and dirt which can harm your health. Regular cleaning is not enough for removing all the dirt that is deep hidden within the gaps. However, the sofa requires regular professional services in order to maintain its comfort and beauty. It not only prolongs the lifespan of the sofa but also makes it a healthier place to be without all the dirt and germs.

Why should you call a professional sofa cleaning company?

When you need a cleaning service for your sofa, then choosing a highly experienced professional service is mandatory. The three solid reasons for doing this are


The investment made in buying a sofa set is done considering the long term usage of the sofa. So it is important to take good care of it to extend its shelf life. Professionals ensure they use the right cleaning material and equipment that are specifically made for this type of cleaning.

Clean Air

Upholsteries easily absorb odours from spilt food or drinks, pets, our own body odors and sweat. It is important to clean it the earliest and remove the unpleasant odours permanently. Hence it is important to have clean air inside your home without any odours.


After a long day’s work, the first thing you would like to do is to cuddle up on your sofa browsing the TV channels. This makes you feel cozy and relaxed. But have you wondered how much pollution your sofa is exposed to? Dust mites, bacteria and dust particles contaminate your sofa. This might cause health issues such as asthma, dust allergies. It is extremely important to do regular cleaning of your upholstery.

Services covered under sofa cleaning services

  • Scrubbing and shampooing of sofa seats and covers
  • Cleaning of armrest and sofa legs
  • Drying of sofa using vacuuming

The first step professionals follow is sofa shampooing. Apply the detergent water mix with the help of a steam vacuum. Here steam cleaning to remove as we just do Deep vaccuming and the detergents have the anti allergants added to it.  Repeat the process by applying it on all the sides of the sofa. Make sure the armrest and the sofa legs are cleaned thoroughly. Armrest is the area on the sofa used regularly by all the members of the house. So, ensure that the armrest is clean. In the end, the professionals vacuum the sofa and allow it to dry odour free. Approximately the duration to clean the seat of a sofa is 20 minutes.  This should be 2 hours drying time.

Benefits of sofa cleaning services

Fresh and clean air in your home

Upholsteries usually attract allergies easily. Professional upholstery cleaning extends deep into your furniture and removes the dirt and dust that causes allergies. Removing those allergens will lead to improved air quality in your house and much healthier life for your entire family.

Ensures durability

The better that you take care of your possessions, the longer it will last. This is true for cars, clothes and of course furniture. Professional sofa cleaning services help you to get rid of stains from forming on your furniture’s fabric. Using professional sofa cleaning services help you extend the durability of your furniture.

Protect your upholstery

Upholstery can be very fragile and needs professional handling and expertise. Professional upholstery cleaners have been trained to determine what the safest cleaning techniques are for specific materials. They can identify the best method for cleaning your upholstery so that it looks as good as new once again.

Bring its original beauty

Everyone looks better after a shower, isn’t it? It’s the same for furniture too. Your furniture will look renewed after professional upholstery cleaning is done. It will help prevent deterioration and preserve the sofa’s overall appearance. Professional upholstery cleaning will result in both the home and furniture that is better looking.

Hire professional sofa cleaning services from Aquuamarine

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Even if you do regular cleaning, it is important to consult professionals who clean the upholsteries properly with the right cleaning material and equipment.