Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Sofa Shampooing Services in Bangalore

Sofa Cleaning Services in Bangalore

It is an unsaid rule that soft furnishing products of your home must be cleaned regularly. On this line, your sofa is a priority; since the couch is the most-frequently utilized home furnishing, which needs to be both cleaned as well as decent to appear. Fresh and hygienic sofas are attainable with the support of sofa cleaning services in Bangalore. Upon an onsite evaluation of your product, the right package of cleaning and sofa shampooing services can be availed, rest assured for a germ-free and cosy sofa.

3 Solid Reasons to Hire Professional Sofa Shampooing Services

When you need a cleaning service for your sofa, then choosing a highly-experienced professional is mandatory and there are solid 3 reasons for this:

  1. Upholstered, expensive sofas need mechanised extraction. And only reputed, licensed brands offer top-notch tools and resources.
  2. Your sofa might give out a bad odour if not maintained properly. But with professional assistance, you can view the difference post the shampooing.
  3. The type of chemical used over the sofa’s surface should wash dirt, without affceting the colour and quality of your product. But when hiring experienced agents, your furnishing can retain its long-term durability.

Team Aquuamarine promises quality results, thus assuring a clean, fragrant, and hygienic couch!

All-Inclusive Services Within Sofa Cleaning

Our sofa cleaning service in Bangalore is not limited to mere shampooing, but is inclusive of a special set of steps, as per your sofa’s type. To give you a brief idea:

  • A Leather Sofa begins from dry vacuuming, crumb/dust removal, odour-free washing, wet vacuuming, polishing, and drying.
  • A Fabric Sofa needs dry vacuuming, stain/spot extraction, dirt water removal, wet vacuuming, and drying.

Contact our specialists to avail professional house cleaning services in Bangalore.

Why Go withAquuamarine for Your Sofa Cleaning Needs

All our sofa cleaning service in Bangalore are exceptional in terms of quality, durability, and cleanliness factors. However, our pricing plans arecompetitive, since we keep our customers first and offer sofa cleaning service plansfor different requirements and budgets.

The washing products we use are safe to touch and are effective in cleaning deep-stained particles. Besides all, our specialists here are well-trained and qualified to deliver sofa shampooing services with sanitization facilities, if needed.

Book Doorstep Sofa Cleaning Service in Bangalore

By giving us a call at +91 968 662 8146, you can avail a home and/or sofacleaning service in Bangalorethat are the best in quality and at a competitive cost!


Periodic cleaning is needed for your sofa, as invaders such as dust mites, allergens, viruses, bacterias, can stay on your couch with regular usage. For maintaining health and hygiene at home, your sofa must be cleaned regularly.

It depends on factors such as type of fabric, size of the furniture, the total number of professionals involved, and more. However, as per industry standards, we take around 30 to 60 minutes to give you a clean sofa. Contact us to know more !

Our sofa cleaning service includes anything from washing, dry and wet vacuuming, crumbs/dust/germ removal procedures, to the final step of drying the sofa.

You can avail the benefits of safety, cleanliness, sophistication, quick servicing, cost-effectiveness, and a few more sofa-centric advantages by hiring Aquuamarine.

Unfortunately, no service can tout 100% stain removal from your sofa; but the team here will try to recover and blemish stains to the highest possibility.

Generally, sofas do require a professional cleaning schedule around every 3 to 4 months for better quality management and long-lasting durability.

Schedule an appointment with Aquuamarine by connecting to +91 968 662 8146 for booking your cleaning service in and around Bangalore.

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Excellent service. Mine was used flat and post the service my flat is looking like brand new πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒVery punctual and with "clean with calm" mentality. Please keep up the great work 😎 5

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They have well trained proffessional staff members who help you to feel relaxed and safe by providing cleanliness and other household facilities with proper care under the guidance of their higher escalation level 5

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High standards of cleanliness and excellent service. They have never failed to disappoint me and they match up to my expectation every time. Hassle free service with respect to site visit, estimates and punctuality. They have well trained staff, excellent cleaning techniques, good equipments and extremely professional. 5