The Neglected Necessity: Why Regular Mattress Cleaning Should Be Part of Your Home Hygiene Routine

  April 23, 2024  |  Aquuamarine

Cleanliness gives us a sense of calmness by bringing to us the freshness spread around our home. Undoubtedly, most of us like to keep ourselves and our homes clean and hygienic. So why leave our regular mattress unnoticed? It should be a part of our regular home hygiene routine. Regular mattress cleaning is crucial, it helps in removing the hidden and accumulated dust, dirt, sweat, and allergies. Also, it helps in extending the lifespan of the mattress, saving you money in the long run. So, gear up and get your mattress cleaning services done quickly for fresher, healthier, and quality sleep nights.

Here are some strategies for promoting sleep quality through proper mattress care and cleaning procedures

Monthly Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is a crucial step in maintaining mattress hygiene and extending the lifespan of the mattress. It is one of the primary steps to ensure that your regular home mattress is clean. This will help to keep away all the accumulated dust, dirt, and dead skin cells buried inside the layers of the mattress.

Using a Mattress Cover

Most of the time we actually ignore the fact that the sweat of our bodies gets absorbed by the mattress. And neglecting it can make it worse than we can think of. Itโ€™s very obvious that we are not going to put in a washing machine. So the best possible way is to use a mattress cover. According to a study by NIH, to prolong the life of the mattress and reduce the risk of infection, regular inspection should be done to avoid contamination and health damage.

Flipping and Spinning

Flipping and spinning the mattress at regular intervals along with vacuuming can help reduce the build of any bacteria or dust settled on it. This is one of the very important tips to be followed in maintaining the mattress hygiene routine. In a busy schedule, it becomes quite difficult to regularly follow these steps. So, in that condition, you can also reach out to professional mattress cleaning services in Bangalore.

Cleaning Under the Bed

This pro tip is often overlooked by many of us. But to maintain the highest hygiene standards of your mattress cleaning routine, you need to regularly keep checking underneath your bed as it can be a breeding ground for dust, moisture, and bacteria. Make sure that in regular intervals you pull your bed out and do a deep cleaning and vacuuming. This will save you from cleaning the heaped-up dust underneath. Hence make sure to include this tip for maintaining a hygienic mattress cleaning routine.

Avoid Eating in Bed

Since early times, it has been taught to us that eating in bed is a bad habit. But we barely looked for the real hidden motive. It is not just a bad habit but is something that helps to keep your bed and mattress clean and hygienic. Eating in bed leads to spills and stains, which directly create a breeding ground for pests. Hence, to avoid such things, we should reserve our beds for sleeping by maintaining a regular mattress cleaning routine at our homes.

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