Doorstep Car Wash in Bangalore

Car Cleaning

Doorstep Car Wash in Bangalore

Car Cleaning at Your Doorstep

Is your car covered with a layer of dust or a favourite spot for all the birds? Words like bacteria, coronavirus or dirt floating in your head? Well, we at Aquuamarine have got you covered with a doorstep car wash in Bangalore. No need to step away from the safety of your own home. Affordable and friendly car wash services is what we specialise in.

Reason to hire professional car wash service in Bangalore

  • Get More on Mileage

Yes, it is true! The cleaner your car stays the better mileage it will give. Messy cars tend to decrease the fuel efficiency of your car.

  • Hotspots for Breeding

Accumulation of dirt can lead to rampant growth of bacteria and odour. Causing you to have allergies triggered or repercussions to health.

  • Decreased Sale Value

Unclean vehicles aren’t favoured. Clean, hygienic cars appear more attractive to buyers and have a higher resale value.

  • Confidence Booster

Remember how it felt driving your new car? Studies suggest freshly cleaned cars trigger the same way. Getting your automobile cleaned professionally can make them feel as good as new.

Why Aquuamarine for a doorstep car wash in Bangalore

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent doorstep car wash services across Bangalore. We believe in the utmost care and attention to detail. Our customers’ comfort is our priority. Providing wash packages at your home at reasonable prices.

At Aquuamarine, we use US EPA registered chemicals for sanitization. These leave no residue and are safe for you and your loved ones.

Services offered in Interior & Exterior cleaning

We leave no stone unturned with our doorstep car wash in Bangalore. Leaving your vehicle spick and span with professional cleaning inside and out.

  • Interior Clean-up

Car upholstery be it leather or fabric will be rigorously cleaned. Vacuum cleaning and shampooing your covers to remove all dirt and stains.

  • Exterior Clean-up

Jet pressure technology to be used to get rid of all dust and grease. Making sure your mobile car washing brings back the shine to your wheels.

How to Avail Our Services?

Call us at +91 968 662 8146 or +91 991 668 3311 to use our mobile doorstep car wash in Bangalore. Let us help you resuscitate life into your car at affordable prices.


Depending on the exposure and colour of your car, the periodicity of washing is determined. Getting your car cleaned is essential for the following reasons:
- Damage control: External substances can spoil the look as well as the performance of your car.
-Safety: Regular clean-ups can help avoid health issues triggered by bacteria and germs.
-Resale value: Keeping the condition of your vehicle prim and proper can increase the resale value for buyers.

Various factors are included, such as the amount of cleaning required and the number of professionals at work. However, as per usual standards, it should take 30-60minutes. Know more by contacting us.

A full doorstep car wash in Bangalore includes interior and exterior cleaning. Shampooing and vacuuming of upholstery. Cleaning of the exterior with jet pressure water technology.

The soap and water might react to fresh paint. We advise you to ask our experts before booking your car for a wash.

Get in touch with us at +91 968 662 8146 or +91 991 668 3311. Our team will assist in coordinating our wash offers as per your convenience and comfort.

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Som Shekar

Excellent service. Mine was used flat and post the service my flat is looking like brand new 😎👌Very punctual and with "clean with calm" mentality. Please keep up the great work 😎 5

Parth Sarthi

They have well trained proffessional staff members who help you to feel relaxed and safe by providing cleanliness and other household facilities with proper care under the guidance of their higher escalation level 5

Namratha Siddaiah

High standards of cleanliness and excellent service. They have never failed to disappoint me and they match up to my expectation every time. Hassle free service with respect to site visit, estimates and punctuality. They have well trained staff, excellent cleaning techniques, good equipments and extremely professional. 5