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Top Checklist Followed

At Aquaamarine, we follow a very precise and standardized checklist. We get into and check every nook and corner of your house and ensure it is cleaned and sanitized. Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning and all other Housekeeping services. We clean the difficult to reach areas of the house which often gets ignored and yet contains the highest quantities of dust-mites, allergens and bacteria.

High-End Equipment's

At Aquaamarine, all the equipments used are high end in specifications, so that the quality of cleanliness is of a high standard. With a busy lifestyle and shortage of honest house help it becomes difficult to maintain the houses in a clean and hygienic condition. We understand your situation and keep up the promises.

Relax, as we finish

Some things are best left to professionals, we have professionally trained staff with an eye for detail. We follow 4 step process - Deep Vacuuming, Stain removal, Shampooing and Sanitization. You can just relax, as we get your work done in a few hours.

Our Promise

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Customer Service

Our customers always come first! If you have a question, we make ourselves available via email, or phone.

Trained & Certified

A high-quality service requires professionally trained and certified staff ensuring a proficient cleaning service.

High-End Equipment's

All the equipment used are high end in specifications, environment friendly providing efficient cleaning solutions helping us to maintain quality service.


Whether it means cleaning your car at your door step, cleaning on holidays or at time convenient to you, we are always flexible and ready to assist you.


If your home needs a little more love, we'll let you know so you're always on top of what's happening.


We make sure to use eco-friendly and green products in our cleaning services so as to reduce our carbon footprint and help us protect the planet.

Our Services

We believe in rendering quality service; Here below are
the wide range of cleaning and sanitization services we provide.

End of Lease Cleaning
It includes The hard to reach with professionally trained staff using equipments and commercial cleaning agents has an edge over the cleaning done by domestic help. This service can be availed before a tenant moves in or out, new baby's arrival or if a family member has undergone a surgery. For sure Festivals and Before as well as after an event . Apart from this it is the best help for people who are cleanliness freaks or allergic to dust and dirt.
End of Lease Cleaning
In today's modern construction scenario large glass surfaces are quite popular . Our glass polish team will polish the surface and remove imperfections with zero distortion. Glass as a building material is quite a delicate and prone to damages such as scratches ,incisions, grout spots, grinder and welder splatters which are practically unavoidable during such a long construction process.
As time passes by lime scale deposits and stains on glass are caused when glass surfaces are exposed to rain, sun, air, dust and building materials.
End of Lease Cleaning
Our professionals at Aquuamarine can do wonders on a window that has heavy oxidation or minor swirls and scratches. Few years back glass replacement was the only solution for these damages but today with advent of modern techniques it is possible to save the replacement cost with an affordable repair and restoration procedure.
End of Lease Cleaning
The upholstery is one area which is used the most however we don't clean it as it has fabric.
At Aquuamarine we remove the dust and dust mites from deep within which is not visible to Naked eyes. The sofa shampooing will take care of stains ( if not too old) and make the sofas fresh , dust mites free and bacteria free .
End of Lease Cleaning
Old is Gold. Our specialised machines recreate the effect of what we used to do earlier but with a difference. The machine has a beating effect which removes the deeply embedded dust with allergy-causing dust mites and immediately vacuums it off leaving the mattress as well as air clean and fresh.
End of Lease Cleaning
We do a complete interior and exterior cleaning of your car . The upholstery leather or fabric will be shampooed , Roof and car vacuumed from inside. A jet pressure to clean the exterior of the cars will ensure all the dirt and grim stuck to your car comes out and the car looks squeaky clean.

Our Testimonials

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Excellent service. Mine was used flat and post the service my flat is looking like brand new πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒVery punctual and with "clean with calm" mentality. Please keep up the great work 😎 5
They have well trained proffessional staff members who help you to feel relaxed and safe by providing cleanliness and other household facilities with proper care under the guidance of their higher escalation level 5
High standards of cleanliness and excellent service. They have never failed to disappoint me and they match up to my expectation every time. Hassle free service with respect to site visit, estimates and punctuality. They have well trained staff, excellent cleaning techniques, good equipments and extremely professional. 5
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Bond back carpet steam cleaning
Bond back carpet steam cleaning
Bond back carpet steam cleaning
Bond back carpet steam cleaning
Bond back carpet steam cleaning
Bond back carpet steam cleaning

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